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Stella Teariki

Age: 50    |   Family:  one son,  aged 21



Kia orana koutou katoatoa, my name is Stella Teariki and I am a proud 50-year old Cook Island woman. 

I am a mother of one, my son who is 21 years old, living in Orange, NSW, Australia with his fiancé and my beautiful grand-daughter Areli Stella Terese who is now 2.  As you can imagine being a distant parent and grand-parent is hard enough, but doing it under the COVID regime is really difficult and I am sure many of you can relate.


 I am a union organizer with the NZ Public Service Association Te Pukenga Here Tikanga Mahi and have been working in the trade union movement for over 30 years, I always say I feel like I grew up in the movement and.  I have always had a sense of social justice.  I am the only woman Pacific union organizer in the PSA and am very proud of this.  While I advocate on behalf of workers, I will always have an affiliation to wanting to improve working conditions for Pacific workers.  This in turn improves livelihoods, prosperity, well-being and better outcomes for Pacific people and their communities.


 I am here to assist anyone who would be interested in being supported through employment issues.  We all know how daunting it can be to stand up to the boss.  Especially if you don’t know or understand your employment rights.


 I am also here to assist anyone who would be interested in sharing with me their own personal journey of weight loss.  Being a morbidly obese person all my life I understand the rollercoaster ride weight loss is and I can’t promise weight loss I can certainly guarantee the ability to relate, empathize and work towards putting some strategies in place.


Meitaki maata

Stella Teariki

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