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Kenny Roache

Age: ?   |   Family:  Married with two sons aged 22 & 16




Samoan  (villages – Saleufi and Leauva’a) 


Married with two sons


Most weekends I’m sitting courtside somewhere, watching my sons, Ethan and/or Iverson playing basketball. 


I’m involved in Wellington Samoa Basketball – which is still very much in its infancy at the moment, but I’m grateful to be part of something which has goals and aspirations to support our local Samoan community, using basketball as a vehicle. 

Importance of Family

I am mindful that what family ‘looks and feels like’ can be quite different for many of us, and I think that, within-itself, is quite special. 

They say that it takes a village to raise a child, and my sons Ethan and Iverson have certainly benefited from that. From their Grandparents, to their Aunts and Uncles, as well as their cousins, and now their nephew and nieces. 

Any success Ethan and Iverson have had in their young lives is most definitely as a result of the amazing love and support that surrounds them.

Importance of Being a Dad

I remember reading a quote once that said: “Every father should remember one day his son will follow his example, not his advice” – and that continues to resonate. 

Being a dad is everything to me. It’s not something I just assumed would happen – and I’ll always be grateful for the two amazing kids I’ve been blessed with.  As a father, I believe we have a great opportunity to spend time with our kids. Listen to them. Share with them. And guide them.

I don’t claim to know all the answers, and on many occasions have gotten things wrong – but when I have, I’ve apologised to my sons – and that’s important to me. 


None of us are immune to making mistakes. For me, I want my sons to know, that I know I’m flawed, but my love for them will always be priority for anything I might do – even if sometimes I get it wrong. 

As my sons navigate their way through life, more than anything, I want my relationship with them to be one where they feel confident and comfortable that I will always be there for them, and that they will always have a safe place to come, even if all they need is for me to just listen. 


Being a Mentor - Father 

Being asked to be a Mentor is a huge privilege and honour for me. As previously mentioned, I don’t know all the answers, but I believe that the more we – as Pasifika – talk and listen to each other, the more we can support one another, and most importantly, support our children. 

My sons are 22 and 16 years old. Whilst that does not make me an expert, I know that I have definitely learned some lessons along the way. Being “Dad” is easily the most important and rewarding role I’ve ever had, and ever will have – and it’s one that I will always work-on and learn from on a daily basis. 

This platform is a great opportunity for us to connect and support each other. I am humbled to be asked to be involved in this amazing initiative, and I’d be honoured to listen 


To book, please use contact form below and in the message section mention you would like Kenny as your Mentor

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