Tualoaina Latu To'omaga

Wellness Consultant

Talofa lava and welcome to my website

It is a pleasure to finally bring to you what I have developed over the years of study and life experiences.  My passion has been to unpack issues/trauma and life’s challenges that we all face and assist to create freedom.  This means to plan out a better future not only for the individual but for the family as a whole.

My qualifications and life experiences have enabled me to develop innovative, effective and evidence based research to help people live positive, meaningful lives.  Giving back to communities in this way is truly rewarding.

Over the years I have worked, studied and become a father of three amazing children.  The key areas I operate in are: 

Consulting - I consult on education, parenting, fitness, child development, wellbeing and health.


Parenting - I am a parent champion and love to support parents/caregivers, aunties, uncles grandparents solo parents that provide education support, parent strategies, advice and life experiences for their children.  My background is in children development and neuroscience.  I also present workshops for the Brainwave Trust Aotearoa (www.brainwave.org.nz) and am a SKIP (Strategies for Kids and Informations for Parents) Oranga Tamariki - Ministry of Social Development in New Zealand.

Wellbeing - I support and work one to one as well as small groups in the area of understanding trauma and supporting plans to a pathway back to wellness, through a number of strategies suggested in the implementation and planning whilst also referring to evidence based research.

Fitness and Health - I am a fitness instructor able to teach programmes like spin, dance, combat, Zumba, pump, aqua fitness, high to low impact and Pasifika fitness classes and classes for the elderly.  I also am an assessor and provide opportunities for communities groups to up-skill and become instructors to support their own cultural groups.  I also write and moderate fitness modules for SkillsActive NZ.

Mentoring -  Mentoring is important for young and old to learn from one another.  I am supportive of mentoring because it helps grow positive human beings in helping them to believe in a vision that they have for their future.  Bringing to life what what is their purpose is very exciting to be part of.  I mentor one to one and also provide mentoring workshops to help those that mentor to stay current.

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