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 Meet Tualoaina Latu 

Wellness Consultant

Reaching your
potential through
your journey to wellness

Greetings to you all, what a privilege it is to be able to offer you my services.  My main passion is to help you to reach your  potential in life.  My gift is to assist and grow the unrealised potential in every human being I meet.  The main areas I specialise in are:

Planning, teaching and learning strategies

  • Mentoring - One to one support and advice

  • Health and Wellness - Psychological and physical Wellbeing
    - Fitness instructor and Assessor

  • Parenting Advocacy - Neuroscience child and adolescent
    brain development.


I look forward to connecting with you.

Tualoaina Latu To’omaga


  Journey to
Wellness with
Tualoaina Latu



Wellbeing & Health


Life Experience

Cultural Pride

positive impact



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youtube channel to
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Tagata Ola Programme
YR10's at Viard College

Pasifika Fiva Classes
Different types of dance & fitness classes. Thursday nights 6.30pm - Athletes Village, Tawa

here's what Latu's been up to lately 

Womens Refuge Conference

Evenings with Latu
Presentations at Postgate School

Pasifika Baby Braintalks
Key facilitator at these fun and interactive
sessions about baby's brain development

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Strategies for Kids, Information for Parents

Ministry of Pacific Peoples Article
Educator shares knowledge wide & far

Pacific Media Network - 531pi
Creating education content to help parents while in lock down.

It's not OK Campaign
Child brain development and the pontentially lifelong impact that growing up around violence can have on children

Pasefika Proud Article
Factoring Faith, Culture and Tradition Into Resiliency

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check out
events in the 

Here you'll find upcoming Fitness Classes, Workshops and Conferences


Check out Latu's Youtube Channel here

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 Your journey to wellness starts from your decision to say yes to help.  So let’s journey together and change your circumstances.

"As a volunteer guest speaker, you stepped forward to take on this role. You did not ask for any recognition or reward. You simply wanted to assist  in a space you believed you could give some insight to through your experience and knowledge. I commend your contribution because you have served and used your God given talents to assit our youth and other who can relate to your stories told.  I look forward to working you more Latu as I feel this is only the start"

Esmeralda Lo Tam

Founder & Owner of

"I love that you make us feel safe and your manner of respect is very beautiful"

"Throughout the day you have been talking about protective factors regarding the lives of our children, it is refreshing and positive, because the world is full of negative statistics for maori and pacific. I would like to work with you some more to collaborate together"


It is because of Latu and Pasifika Fiva 🤗 That I started my own fitness journey.

If you want a Family friendly, Fun loving place to get your sweat on and make new friends then check out Pasifika Fiva 😊 

Fay Walker

"You allowed us to realise to fill our thermometer of wellness which means to do things to make us happy fill us up and your spirit filled the room

Carolyn Campbell
Wellness Workshop 12/03/20


Testamonies ~ Feedback

I was satisfied with the presentation that was delivered to my organisation, it was awesome!  Over 60 parents at each session so maybe 200 parents in total.  Latu was awesome and our parent community loved him and his messages


I had parents in my office this morning sharing with me how the work they did with Latu came in very useful over the weekend.  Instead of giving their kid a hiding, they sat down, breathed, and worked out a plan before speaking with their child.  The dad said "Latu has changed my life and the relationship I have with my children".


We have only received positive, heartwarming feedback from our community. 


Hell yeah! I would recommend this presentation to others.  The best aspects was that Latu was relaxed, engaged our community, used humour, shared his stories (good and bad), and worked alongside our community


Would love more sessions.  They became more popular as we went!  I thought the numbers might drop, but, no, only rose.


Latu has left a massive impression on our community and they are hungry for more.  They want to be better parents and add to their parenting toolbox


“Together, We Learn and Achieve”

"Mā te mahi ngātahi, ka tū pakari te mātauranga"

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari, he toa takitini; 

Success is not the work of one, but the work of many


Manuia le aso

Ngā mihi


Adam Campbell


Postgate School

Thank you for the informative session, on brainwave and for your presentations.  You were funny and you made it lively and funny as we learn about the brain development.


I have been challenge with how I will respond to my teenage boys with the challenges they face.  To be able to explain things to them with some clarity. Not with the expectation that they should have already known the basics.


To be able to support them and guide them with their journey into adulthood.  Fantastic to see with your wider experiences and expertise you are a role model for our young ones within the Pacifica community.


By the way I was your dancing partner LOL.


 Kind regards,


Burie  |  Residential Advocate

Women’s Refuge & Sexual Violence Support Centre

Marlborough, Blenheim

National Hui workshop by Palmerston North Women’s Refuge.

I rate the amazing gift of knowledge and information you presented to us a solid 5+++


As a child and youth advocate, I found massive value in understanding the impacts of biological developmental factors on children and youth behavior and that will definitely information my practice in the way I understand those I work alongside.


Thank you so much and hoping to have you another time soon!


Kind regards,


Karina Upeguto 

Child Advocate, Palmerston North Women’s Refuge

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